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i re-designed an old sketch i did last year and used it to test a new style. i call it the kiwi!

height: 25 feet

weight: 50 tons

crew: one pilot, one gunner (though it can function at 85% combat efficiency with a single pilot/gunner and 55% unmanned)

power: gas turbine electric engine

armaments (standard loadout):

-2x 4x Air Defense Anti-Tank System (ADATS) missiles

-2x 19x 70mm dumbfire hydra rockets

-1x 30mm three barreled rotary cannon, linkless feed, 1000 round drum, high explosive or depleted uranium rounds

-8x smoke grenade launcher

special features:

the “neck” is capable of swiveling 60 degrees to either side, allowing the mech to engage enemies directly behind it without having to completely turn around

one thing i’d like to see in an RTS game is the ability to change the weapon loadouts that units spawn with in their production buildings, possibly effecting the cost and build time too for instance, you could have helicopters spawn with different wing pods or replace a tank’s main gun with a giant machine gun, or remove all of a helicopter’s weapons and replace them with observation pods for scouting, etc. the game could possibly have a pure “unit design mode” that lets you set up loadouts and save them as presets

this was an attempt to draw a monster that would fit in with Jonathan Wojcik’s lovely twisted Mortasheen series (, aesthetically, anatomically, and thematically.

the idea behind this particular creature (i call him squiggles) is that in combat it uses a thick, gelatinous mucous to slow down opposing creatures and it uses its muscular body and ventral mouths to adhere to and devour them. In more peaceful times, it has found a role in the gourmet restaurant business, its multiple mouths being extremely well attuned to taste and texture. However, it is not recommended that they be allowed to choose and obtain their own ingredients, because to one of these creatures, the taste of a meal is infinitely more important than little issues like “digestibility” or “survivability”

a bundle of sketchy bullshit that i made a while ago

right click + open in new tab to see all this nonsense

in no particular order:

- an alien creature i designed to be visually analogous to an elephant or something. the tongue thing is supposed to be a killing appendage and functions as an inverted intestine (its wound through and wrapped around recent kills and absorbs nutrients directly through its surface)

-some bullshit guns

-an armor kinda concept wherein there’s arm pods mounted to your back for fighting/more guns/ whatever

-a horse infected with some zombie/tentacle plague thing

-some sort of undead yeti creature

-a monster made out of the corpses of multiple cows

-some generic armor dude

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